dealing with social media trolls

Having a Hard Time Dealing with Social Media Trolls?

No Comment Feb 06, 2021

Internet trolls are everyone and they not showing any sign of retreat any time soon. While it is admittedly fun to read trolling comments on social media, it certainly is not fun when they start attacking your business pages. Across social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, trolls hitting brands is not an uncommon thing, especially when a bandwagon is on the roll. Truly, trolls can be anywhere and no business who wants to get “really social” is safe from them.


If you are having problems dealing with trolls in your Twitter accounts and Facebook pages, here are some helpful tips that may help you in handling them without endangering your brand’s marketing.


1. Respond with Humor


A lot of Twitter accounts and Facebook pages are becoming good at this one. With trolls coming from everywhere, humor seems to offer a double edged sword for defense and leverage. Social media marketers who are using humor to deal with trolls reap more than the benefit of defending its brand. In fact, most cases of humor response to trolls also get good engagement. You are not only acknowledging a tweet from a potential customer, you also get a double win solution that will put your brand forward.


2. Counter Fiction with Truth


The best way to easily dismiss trolls and keeping your brand’s integrity intact is to counter fiction with truth. When trolls start dropping inaccuracies in your page or account, seize the opportunity to promote your brand and point out what’s wrong with the troll’s claims or accusations. As others read it, you are already marketing your brand while keeping your brand’s banner up. But remember to do it without sounding offensive, you don’t want to scare other people away, right?


3. Treat them with Kindness


Kindness kills, and sometimes even trolls may step back when you hit them with it. Maintain the friendly tone of your return punches, but always acknowledge the trolls as they may just be the key ingredient in bringing more people in your community.


Remember, social media is all about fun, truth, respect and kindness, and these are your very tools to keep your head high amidst all the trolling business going on or any that may come your way.