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People judge a book by its cover. So, your website is your best sales agent. With more than 750 million websites on the Internet today, you really need to stand out. Velocity Local backs your business with talented creative web designers who develop your top-notch online presence and keep it running smoothly.

Having a professional business website has its advantages. It can answer all of your customers’ most frequently asked questions and help you put your best face forward for potential customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Partner with Velocity Local to ensure your site is designed, published, maintained, and updated whenever you have changes. No need to learn how to code or design.

Local Marketing

Did you know that 94 percent of your customers click on the first page of Google’s search results? They also decide which link to click within seconds of scanning the results page. Velocity Local’s content marketing services are a superb way to get your site in front of tens of thousands of potential customers.

It’s proven. Google ranks your website based on popularity. The more popular you are, the higher you rank in search results. That is, the more websites mentioning your name and business, the more points you gain in the search index.

For this reason, content marketing is an extremely important feature to our solution. Our writers develop customized and informative content about your business. The more mentions you receive on the Internet, the higher you’ll rank on Google. Our content marketing services ensure your name appears in more places, more often.

Device Responsive Website

More than half of all Internet searches are made on a mobile device and, for the first time in history, mobile has surpassed desktop use. Yet the typical website design forces mobile and smart phone viewers to zoom, scroll, or pinch their screen just to see and read its content.

Put your business in their palm. Discover patented, state-of-the-art, and fully customized mobile websites that let your prospects see you better and find you faster. Give customers exactly what they want – a user-friendly mobile website supported by most mobile devices.

Velocity Local gives you everything you need to connect with your expansive mobile customer base. Our revolutionary mobile technology provides convenient access to essential connectivity tools like Google Maps, Google Street View, and click-to-call. Showcase popular products or services, post a can’t-miss deal, and keep

Google Street View

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Velocity Local Analytics delivers essential data on the activity of visitors who come to your website and mobile website. This includes where visitors came from, which pages they visited most, time spent on your website or mobile website, the number of unique visits you’ve had, and more! As a Velocity Local subscriber, your analytics report is emailed to you monthly. So you can review everything at your convenience. No searching. No hassles.

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