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Snapchat Marketing: Partnering with Influencers to Build Your Audience Fast!

No Comment Feb 04, 2021

Working with social media influencers can yield immense benefits that any brand can enjoy. This is very true in Snapchat as it is in other platforms like Instagram. Partnering with social media influencers does not only provide extensive exposure to brands, it also helps newbies quickly build a fan base or a community around their products and services. Recently, this approach to social media community building has proven to be both cost-effective and fast.

If you are planning to work with influencers to build your Snapchat audience faster, here are the steps to follow:


  1. Identify Influencers You Want to Work With

 The first thing you must do before you can work with someone is to first identify who they are. Find influencers in SnapChat and follow them. Make sure you establish a good foundation of communication.


  1. Find Influencers on Other Platforms and Track Them Back at Snapchat

 One downside of Snapchat is its lack of a public index to search for celebrities and connect to them. You can find influencers through other social media platforms and then track them back at Snapchat. Many celebrities and influencers use the same username across different social platforms.


  1. Gradually Build a Relationship

 Follow their followers, use their audience, and harness their pool of fans to build your own following. But before you can do that, you need to first get to the front seat of their attention (without sounding annoying) and get them to advertise for you. Follow them first and get to know them. Learn what interests them and then use that as a leverage to establish good communication. From then on, you can start opening up the possibility of them introducing/marketing your brand.


  1. Approach Strategically and Get Your Offers Ready

 Having an influencer promote your brand will cost you something or some money. Be prepared to give your offer, but avoid sounding too pushy or too much in a serious business tone. Be friendly. Discuss things of mutual interest but keep in mind that you have an end to achieve. Make the process courteous and formal, but make the conversation light.

What you’ll pay depends on the level of celebrity so make sure your offers are reasonable.


  1. Think of Scenarios Where Influencers Can Create Content to Expose Your Brand

 You have to have the right dose of creativity to design a scenario where an influencer you are working with will use or feature your brand without it sounding like it is pushed out of nowhere. How will your brand play a part in their normal life? How will you be able to lead a story towards that scenario? Storyline and timing is everything.

With these preliminary steps, you can start working with an influencer on Snapchat. And since they already have a big, solid following, you can easily build your community fast.


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