getting more calls from adwords on mobile

Getting More Phone Calls from AdWords

No Comment Mar 02, 2021

For service-based businesses, AdWords is a very powerful tool for reaching potential customers when they search for product or solution on the web. Over time, AdWords has proven its value when it comes to gaining new customers by getting the attention of people who rely on the search engine in looking up service providers in their locality.

Service- based business that depend on phone calls as a first point of contact with potential clients like plumbers, construction services, HVAC, dentists, pest controls and many others, can maximize the benefits they can gain by adding contact feature for mobile search. This is highly effective this year as mobile search reaches new heights.

The smartphone revolution and people’s constant reliance to it makes it very important for small businesses to be easily reachable in the same platform. Simply put, wouldn’t you like it if you can easily contact the service providers in the search results without the need to copy the number and switching to the dial pad? With just a single touch on the same results page, your business can now be contacted by the potential customer.

But how can this be done?


Call Extentions in AdWords

As we all know, AdWords offer a lot of Ad extensions for businesses to maximize their advertising efforts. The Call Extensions is one of the most amazing Ad extension you can find as it not only includes your phone number, but it makes it clickable to make a call.


By adding a Call Extensions to your campaign, you make it easier for your potential customer to get in touch with you. This extension just includes number in desktop, but it becomes awesome in mobile. Look at this example:


Adwords call from mobile phone

By clicking that Call button, you the customer automatically calls the service provider.


How to Set-up

1. In your AdWord , add New Phone Number, then click “Show my Ad with” and tick either:

  • My phone number- if you want to be directly contacted.
  • A Google Forwarding Number- it will report completed calls to AdWord to let you  know which add generated the click, which keyword, etc. (recommended)

2. Then below that is “Show the Following Links”, which you can tick either:

  • Both my website and phone number (recommended)
  • Just the phone number

3. In device preference:

It is advisable to have one extension just for mobile and another one just for desktop that allows people to directly go to your site.


4. Scheduling

Schedule only during hours when there is actually someone who can answer the phone.


Through this, you can now have the “power of mobile” for your business.