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Digital Marketing: How to Create the Perfect “About Us” Page

No Comment Apr 23, 2021

When was the last time you updated your “About Us” page?

Many would probably won’t remember because the page is not something that requires regular modifications. But this time, you might want to go back to it and recreate it so you can maximize the benefits you can reap from it.

While the About Us or About Me page may not be the most popular page in your website, people visit it for reasons much different from those who frequent your home page or sales pages. These people may intentionally look at the About Us page after chancing your business in social media or hearing it from anywhere in the cyberspace. This may signify deep interest in your business or you as the entrepreneur, which could develop to lasting business relationships on your favor.

This goes to show how important your About Us page is and the message that it conveys to the people who visit it.  If you are thinking of modifying your About Us page, here are some tips that can help you create the perfect version:


  1. Use a Friendly and Welcoming Tone

While there are some websites that require a business tone in its About Us page, depending on the industries they belong, a friendly and welcoming tone is always better for the majority of businesses. Write in the first person and keep it conversational that your visitor feels like really talking to the actual person behind the business.


  1. Keep in Mind the Effect You Want to Cause

Decide how you want people to feel when chancing upon your About Us or About Me page. Do you want them to feel motivated? Sad? Inspired? Whatever it is. Keep this in mind as you craft the page.


  1. Command Attention on Your Opening Statement

Hook your visitor with your first words. Craft opening statements like writing a news headline. This will peg their attention and entice them to read further and explore. A weak opening statement may discourage people from learning more about you.


  1. [For About Me or some Personal Business] Show Your Personality

Be a real person and write more about your interest and less about your qualifications. Make it feel human. Be authentic, honest and true to yourself. Never be afraid to be too loud or too bold. Dare to be unique.


  1. Make Them Feel This is For Them

Your About Us page is more about your audience than about you. That is why they come there in the first place. Talk to them about their needs and how you can be of help. Address some of their problems and make them see what is in store for them, from you.


  1. Throw Some Extras In

Put in some photo to make it eye catching or to give a view about you or your business. Provide an email opt-in on the page and maybe offer something for free when they sign up. Finally, put links to your social media accounts so they know where and how to hear from you or your business.


You can add or subtract some elements on these, depending on your needs and preferences. What is important is that you know and understand what you want and what your audience want.

Any tips you want to add? Comment below.