Taking Advantage of Facebook Reactions for Your Brand Promotion

No Comment Apr 20, 2021

Facebook Reactions– the newest update made by the social media giant instantly captured the interests and approval of users as it provides a wider choices on how to respond to posts other than liking, or not liking it. The feature has been around for some time for user in South East Asia and other regions, but just included recently for users in the US. Since its introduction, not only users felt excitement over it and so are social media marketers.


More Ways to React. Power Beyond Liking.

 When a user hover over a post’s Like Button in the News Feed, profile timeline, or page timeline, a bar will pop out with 6 different reactions including Like, Love, HaHa, Wow, Sad, and Angry. Fortunately for businesses, it does not include a Like Button, which was the demand of many Facebook users for some time.

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The “Reactions” is not only exclusive for personal posts, but also for posts in business pages. Something that marketers can take advantage of. A breakdown of reactions can also be seen in Insights once you click a post.

facebook reactions - local marketing agency

Making Use of Reactions for Business Pages

 There are a lot of ways to take advantage of Facebook reactions for the promotions of your brand and business. Here are some:

 facebook reactions - local marketing agency

  • Encouraging Followers to React

Test the waters on how responsive your community is by encouraging them to react. Post something that has a potential to generate reactions other than liking and see how your followers respond. It is also through reactions that you can gain an idea of what your followers find interesting and how they react to specific content.


  • Combine Reactions with Contests

Some marketers are very quick in taking advantage of Reactions and incorporated them into already placed strategies. Contests for example are now combined with reaction generation, terms like “Share some Love” for love reactions, “Funny or Not?” for Haha and Sad reactions and other terms are starting to mushroom around and are already being used in contests. This one below is a good example:

facebook reactions - local marketing san diego



  • Use Them to Assess Your Competition’s Content

Through looking at how people react to your competitions’ contents, you can gain valuable information on how they perform on social media. You will also gain an insight on what types of content and topic that appeals to their followers, which is also your potential clients.

Facebook reactions have opened doors for marketers and there remains to be unexplored territories in this matter. Be creative to find out and use it to your advantage.