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Effective Ways to Create Content for Boring Industries

No Comment Apr 25, 2021

Interesting content is the prime requirement in content marketing. Unfortunately, this is the same thing that is highly challenging for some businesses, particularly those that belonged to what can be informally categorized as “boring industries”. By this, we mean businesses that belong to industries that are not on the creative plain, whose products and or services are not colorful, fun, or exciting. Some of these businesses include HVAC firms, floor inspections, electrical services, insurance, finance, and many others.

As opposed to industries belonging to food, experience, fashion, lifestyle, beauty and fitness, and the like; businesses in the boring industries have a limited number of creative resources for content– a challenging reality that marketers can thrive on, if injected with some juices of creativity and strategy.

Here are some ways to create content for these businesses:


  1. Content Diversification

 Make timelines, dashboards and news feeds more exciting by employing various types of content. Do not justify the boring-ness of your business by sticking to pure text content. Throw in some video, or a funny GIF. No one can resists beautiful photos, or try infographics. Whatever available content type, throw it in, try it out, and discover which one clicks and which ones don’t.


  1. Learn from Others

 If you are unsure on how to start about your content marketing , or if you remain clueless on where to source out content for your business, the best action to take is to learn from successful businesses in your field. It does not matter if they are competitions or not. The important thing is that you discover and learn strategies from them.


  1. Learn to Love Videos

 Video content is the here and now. Short videos and timelapses make great content especially for processes. Learn to create your own video content that will feature your brand. You may also find compelling video content relating to your business, in one way or another, in YouTube and other video websites.

  1. Provide Solutions to Problems

 Fact is, if your industry is boring, talking about it can be pretty boring to- unless you offer people with solutions to problems they are all too familiar with. Provide answers to questions within your field or business. For example, don’t just sit there are talk about construction materials, provide solutions like how to choose the right materials or what to do when you purchased the wrong materials. This will make your content relevant to your audience.

There are still other ways to create good content for your industry. Always be open minded and be on then look out for the best practices in the web. You will soon find your voice in the defeaning social media crowd and stand out.