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Top Tools and Techniques to Find People to Follow on Twitter

No Comment Jan 30, 2021

One way to improve marketing campaign in Twitter is by following the right people who play vital roles in your campaign. They include industry peers, content sources, potential customers, and those who can help you further your Twitter marketing campaign. As you very well know, following people is very easy, the challenge is to find and the right people to follow so you can propel your marketing interests.


There are a lot of ways to search for people in Twitter, but here are the proven effective tools and techniques:

1.   Using SocialBro Search

SocialBro is a highly recommended search tool for Twitter. It helps you find the most relevant people by using filters. Among the most common filters that you can use include keywords in a Twitter user’s bio, influence, and followers. Once you get the list of relevant people you can start following them or create a list to categorize them.


2.   Using Advanced Search

In truth, Twitter’s Advanced Search feature is not really that advanced, but it can prove to be helpful in finding people. The Advance Search allows you to find people by including or excluding keywords and hashtags to find relevant tweets and get a list of people who use them. You can also use it to search for people based on interaction.


3.   Hashtag Search

There are different tools that gives you analytics based on specific hashtags. Some of these tools can be used to view people who are connected to that hashtag and find the most influential ones. Tweet Binder, for example, can be used to analyze the influential people on Twitter basing on Twitter Chat. Such tools are also be used in searching for the people who attended an event you’ve been into.


4.   Use Followerwonk to Find Common Followers

Followerwonk gives you a list of Twitter accounts followed by the different Twitter accounts you keyed in. For example, if you key in three different accounts and click “Followed by all Three”, you will get a list of accounts that they commonly follow which you can then check if they are relevant to your campaign.


5.   Use Twtrland

Twtrland is an advance search tool that allows you to look for people basing on skills, knowledge and niche. There are as much as 60, 000 categories available, making it a very helpful tool for targeted search. To find influencers, click “Influences”, then enter the relevant category in the “Skill” box. This is also a good tool for location-based search.


With these search methods and tools you will have an easier way to grow your followed accounts list.