5 ways to expand facebook reach

5 Proven Effective Ways to Expand Your Facebook Reach

No Comment Nov 06, 2020

When most of your customers are online, the only smart thing to do is get online and build a presence. That means having people follow and being visible to potential customers. The question is, how exactly do you increase Facebook page following? Here are 5 essential tips that can help!

1. Optimize your presence. Build your presence starting with your website and make sure it is linked to your Facebook and other social media accounts. Your branding, logo as well as a clear and concise description of what you do should also be included.

2. Be personal. Facebook might be a social media platform but it is as personal as it gets! People browsing through want to see something they can relate to, something that reflects their own individuality and something that hits home.

3. Be funny. Nobody wants to see the same old boring ad again and again. People are looking for laughs and it’s your job to give it to them. Post about funny and quirky things that happened in your business or workplace or a funny industry news. Make use of popular memes that pique reader’s interests. Funny & interesting content is guaranteed to increase Facebook page following.

4. Be Everywhere.  The internet is one big network, utilize it. Go to blogs and websites related to your industry and comment on the Facebook comments section. Make sure it is linked to your Facebook business page to increase your reach.  Promote your social media presence everywhere including blogs, websites, other social media platforms as well as print materials for your business. Connect with other users related to your industry, follow them and build relationships.

5. Use Hashtags. Hashtags are everywhere and when you use them right they can widen your reach. Search for viral hashtags relevant to your posts and use them. You can do that by searching through Google or going to hashtag trend websites. One thing to note, use them sparingly. Nobody likes to read a post filled with hashtags.

Remember that there are no shortcuts when it comes to building a good presence in social media. You need to work hard to get as much exposure for your brand as possible. Creativity is always key to make people reach back to you.