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The Consequences for Not Doing Proper Social Media Management

No Comment Oct 29, 2020

The importance of establishing social media presence for your brand has been reiterated over and over again to the point of being too cliché. And yet, there are still some companies that delay this task and continue focusing on traditional marketing methodologies. There are also those who think that by presence, we only mean creating accounts across social media platforms and visiting it seldom. This is wrong. By establishing presence, we mean to say proper, effective and consistent social media accounts management.

But what is at stake if you delay social media management? How much are you losing and will lose? Here are the top consequences you should be afraid of:

1. You Can’t Be Trusted If They Don’t Know You

This is a basic fact of human behavior: people will not trust those they don’t know. And if you think people will come looking for your brand name in TVs and newspaper classified ads, you are straightforwardly wrong. The times have changed, and people now rely on social media and the internet to find their interests. And if your social media marketing is designed around the idea of “selling, selling, selling”, you are as if not doing any social media at all. Social media is all about connecting and building relationships and if you don’t make the effort to do that, you are destined to fail.


2. Spending Too Much Money on Traditional Marketing

We have to face it. Traditional marketing in form of TV and newspaper ads is a thing of the past. If you don’t resort and devote sufficient investment for social media marketing and management, you might just be wasting money because traditional advertisements are not the mainstream anymore and they are becoming less and less effective. As a business person, you know the importance of cost-efficiency and doing traditional marketing is not that cost-effective anymore.


3. You are Already Behind the Competition

If you won’t do proper social media management, your competitions will and are maybe already doing so. Look them up online and you will be surprised how much you are already behind the race.


4. Missing Out On Important Market Data

Remember how much companies used to spend for market research? That doesn’t need to be the case anymore. Social media platforms and some tools are designed to give you the very data that you used to pay thousands of dollars for. It tells you about the demographics, locations, statistics and even interest of your customers.


5. You are Turning Your Back on Your Customers

If you are thinking that social media is only dominated by kids and teens, then you are ignorant. Some businesses don’t do social media management because they think that their customers are not in there. The social media spectrum is ever growing and the participants are becoming older overtime. In fact, seniors and over 30’s are one of the most active social media participants today.


So, there you are. That will probably tell you a lot of what you are losing by missing out on social media management. If that won’t convince you to make the move today, I don’t what will.