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How to Make Your Facebook Contests More Successful

No Comment Oct 08, 2020

Contests have long been used in social media marketing to increase engagement. However, there are some contests that were poorly designed that they do not bring as much engagement to the Facebook page. Failure to maximize such contests defeats the purpose of its creation. Thus, it is imperative that they must be well strategized to achieve a significant milestone.


Here are some ways to maximize Facebook contests so you can reap its optimum benefits:


1. Multi-channel and multi-platform contest promotion

While your base is your Facebook page, you need to utilize other channels and platforms to maximize the contest’s reach. Post in your website or your blog, mention it in other social media channels and you will bring in more participants.


2. Create a Timeline

Contests must have a predetermined solid timeline. Create a deadline to create a sense of urgency and stick to it. If you tend to postpone deadlines every now and then, the contest will lose its integrity and people will start turning their backs from it.


3. Interact with the Participants

If for example you are having an image submission contest, be prompt and consistent in responding to entries. Also, acknowledge the participants to let them feel that they are really recognized participants in the contest. Take the time to answer queries for as long as they do not violate any of the contest mechanics.


4. If you are still building a following, consider paid contest apps

Remember that the contestants are the most important part of your contest so bring in as many participants as you can. If you don’t have a decent following, consider paying for Facebook’s official contest app or other unofficial apps that may save you cost.


By employing the mentioned strategies, it will be clear who the winner is in the contest that you will create, and that is no other than your brand.