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Top Facebook Marketing Skills Every Business Owner Should Learn and Master

No Comment Sep 20, 2020

Facebook marketing is both an art and a science. The right combination of creativity, analytical thinking and strategy is necessary to make a campaign successful. Thus, there are certain skills that a Facebook marketer or an entrepreneur with a Facebook business page need to learn and eventually master. These skills will greatly help in establishing relationships with your audience and convent them into loyal customers of your brand.


While there are many skills, either technical, analytic or creative skills that one must learn to maximize Facebook brand promotions; these are the basic ones that you should prioritize:

1.   Knowing Your Audience

It has been repeated over and over again. Knowing your audience is a very important skill that you need to have. You need to know what appeals to them and how to capture their attention, so you could target your posts. For example, target audiences who love interior designs don’t care much about automotive technicalities. You also need to know what days and times most of them are on Facebook so you can schedule your post.

2.   Staying Current

With loads and loads of information that comes in on a fast pace basis, you need to know the latest so you can offer it to your audience. Establishing a credibility of being well-informed of current events, especially about matters that are associated with your Facebook page concept will be good to build a following. Make it a habit to be updated on news, information and anything new from other sources in World Wide Web.

3.   Making and Using Creative Images

Appealing images, especially those that stir emotions among people easily go viral. Funny images and those that stir a sense of anger are easily shared by people. Learn the art of making and using creative image. With some Photoshop skills and creativity, you can create viral posts that will greatly help your campaign.

4.   Maximizing Your Reach

Reach is a fundamental Facebook metric that lets you know if your posts have reached your audience and how many were reached by it. It also indicates what time your fans have seen your content. Data from Insights indicating your posts’, if analyzed correctly and maximize, can help you determine what types of posts appeal most to your audience and when is the best time to post them. Review all your past posts, study its reach and use it to your advantage.


There are more to Facebook marketing than these skills, but they can be considered as building blocks to a solid promotional campaign. Learn them and the rest will follow.