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Certified Money-Wasting Marketing Methods in Facebook

No Comment Oct 15, 2020

Through the years, so much has changed in the way brands are marketed in Facebook. Strategies after strategies were devised as more and more discoveries and studies were made, and up to this day, social media marketers are still finding ways to improve and master Facebook marketing.

As strategies were devised, there were also people who misunderstood and misused the basic principles that they end up defeating the purpose of social media marketing—that is, to build relationships and promote their brand without spending a fortune. Here are some of the ways where Facebook marketers waste money:

1. Posting Irrelevant and Uninteresting Content

For those who don’t have the time and expertise to manage Facebook pages, paying for people to do the task is the most common option. This is a good way to establish a good presence in the social media world. However, this becomes a dollar- waster if the employed people are not good in choosing and creating content that are relevant and effective. Hours are being paid and yet no milestone is achieved simply because the contents are not strategic.

2. Contests Made to Fail

Holding contests is one of the recommended strategies to increase following and build relationships in Facebook, and they are really effective if done correctly. The problem is that there are contests which are designed to fail. How? By giving the wrong prizes or by designing mechanics that are in no way related to the business or the brand. In the end, it only attracts people interested in the prize and not in the brand. Design your contests smartly.


3. Time is Money and You’re Wasting It

Time is gold, and it isn’t any less true in internet business promotions. Failing to use apps and tools that can speed up and make content more effective is a waste of time, which is also a waste of money. Search for apps and tools that can speed up your social media marketing and use them wisely.


4. Boosting the Wrong Posts

In the hopes of attracting more fans and potential customers every in chance they get, some businesses boost all their posts. This is okay if you have a massive budget for social media marketing, but not for small businesses. Some waste money boosting posts which are not strategic at all. To solve this, you need to carefully choose posts to boost.


5. Poorly Made Ads

Facebook ads are jewel for social media marketers, but it also requires money so careful consideration should be done before paying for one. Some ads are poorly designed that they don’t attract people at all. The remedy is to invest time, thought and creativity in doing your Facebook ads and take them like the way you treat your traditional marketing fliers and print-ads.


6. Spending Money on Fake Fans

Huge numbers of fans can be impressive but it does not help you at all if they are all fakes. People online don’t easily fall for a huge following, so you are not getting anything. Worse, it may just reduce the chances of your posts appearing on real people’s news feeds.


Make sure to avoid these money-wasters in Facebook marketing to ensure cost-efficiency in your campaign.