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Why Instagram Stands Out as Social Media Platform

No Comment Sep 19, 2020

More and more people today are using Instagram instead of Facebook. Although each social media conduit has similarities, they are definitely two different animals. From the website to the app, to the business itself, you can say that Facebook is the giant when it comes to social media. But why is Instagram becoming more popular and more used than Facebook?

  1. Instagram is simple. Remember the acronym KISS? Facebook can do what Instagram can do, but when it comes to simplicity, we think Instagram wins. Facebook can do a lot of things for your social media needs but, Instagram is just plain easier.
  2. Parents have infiltrated Facebook. Facebook has over 1 BILLION users. Everyone and their mother is on Facebook, literally. This is great for staying close with family members, sharing experiences, and keeping in touch with old friends. It’s NOT great for teens and younger users who feel the need to escape the close watch of their parents.
  3. A picture is worth a thousand words. The web is cluttered with online content.  People prefer to see pictures and videos over a plain text post. This is why Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform. It’s also why Facebook and Twitter have recently updated their profile designs and timelines to include larger and more prominently displayed visual content. Nobody wants to read a 1000 word blog post when a picture can tell the same story in far less time. #aintnobodygottimefothat
  4. Instagram has filters. Admit sometimes you use filters for your pictures to make them look brighter, more vivid, or more colorful. Most of us don’t use professional photo editing software to add filters or edit our pictures. But with Instagram, we can all look like professional photographers.
  5. You’ll get more likes on Instagram. We already went over the fact that people would rather see pictures than words. And with Instagram’s filters, we can make our pictures look awesome.  A picture of that slice of pizza you’re about to eat will get more likes on Instagram that the same picture on Facebook or Twitter. And way more than a text status update. Studies have shown that receiving social media likes has a measurable, positive impact on happiness. So start taking more pictures and post them to Instagram! #nom