Facebook business page updates

Facebook Introduces New Storefront Mobile Layout to Better Help Small Businesses

No Comment Sep 14, 2020

Facebook takes another bold step to assist small businesses into earning more as it rolls out its latest feature that will change the way business is done on the platform. Facebook Page’s newest storefront mobile layout is set to transform the mechanism between users and business owners using the social network for presence and information. The changes in the mobile layout include new tabs that easily allow users to view the list of “Services” and “Shop” for products—a huge jump from the initial design which only provides information about the business.

Facebook business page updates

Announced just this week, this newest update from the biggest social network has been received by marketers and business owners with so much gusto, and is seen as an effective way in which Facebook pages shifts into just a digital presence-assisting tool into becoming an actual business utility where trade is conducted and earnings are made. So much possibility and opportunity is seen in this newest development, which will hugely benefit the digital marketing community.

facebook page for business update

The new storefront mobile layout is viewed as Facebook’s biggest Pages’ modification since 2012. The “Service” tab will provide not only a list of service or products but a description of each for the user’s convenience. Meanwhile, the “Shop” section will include Buy buttons through Facebook’s partnership with Shopify.  It works, to some degree, like a website where shopping and purchases are made.

These new sections provide information, which were only seen on the About Page or posts, to a new prominent, easy to find and convenient place. Before, businesses need to constantly post about their products and services to bring them into the immediate attention of the users or they have to bury it deep in the About Page or other sections. With the new mobile layout, this very important information can now be easily found on the home page or main tab for easy access.

A “Message to Buy” feature is also available for when service’s requires negotiation or other customizations. This button starts an instant message communication between the business and the customer, where details of the sale and other relevant matters are discussed.

According to Facebook for Pages site, “The new features for Pages reflect our belief that no matter if you’re a plumbing company, a flower shop, a non-profit or a brand, your Page should house the information people are looking for, help you communicate with your customers and support your unique goals.”


Recent Developments for Mobile

While the latest and improved mobile layout is considered the biggest development in Facebook Pages, it is not the first. Recently, Facebook just announced new messaging capabilities to allow businesses to respond quickly to users and to enable users to conveniently and easily communicate with the business page. During its introduction, the “Very Responsive” badge feature which is granted to pages that responds to inquiries and messages in less than five minutes, seemed like a tough feat at first, but with the now 500,000 pages who met the requirement proved it can be done.

Another recent development in Facebook Pages mobile design is the better, bigger and more prominent Call-to-Action buttons. The then CTA buttons appearing over the cover photo just above the tabs is now made into an entire strip flashed across the site just beneath the cover photo and made colorful to be easily noticed.

facebook business page call to action

Eliminating the Need for Websites?

With all the capabilities and features available in the new mobile layout for Facebook Pages some argue that Facebook is slowly eliminating the need of small businesses for websites. If the aim is to inform people about service and be able to transact business, they’re already there. However, experts disagree to some extent saying that websites still offer an entirely different benefit. Facebook Pages, despite these developments, remain to be limiting in terms of design and experience, among other things.


How about you, what can you say about these new features?