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Is Running Contests on Facebook a Good Idea?

No Comment Sep 10, 2020

Running contests on Facebook is not a new strategy. For years, many businesses take advantage of this method to leverage their social media marketing campaign. Although there are certain limitations in running contests on Facebook, a carefully crafted contest can help business reap enormous benefits.

So, what are the benefits of running contests on Facebook?

1.   Increased Exposure

Facebook contests are proven ways to increase business pages’ exposure, especially if the contest was designed to have that effect. Good contests are like viral contents that have the potential to spread quickly. People who find your contest interesting may share it to other people who are not aware about your page. They may even share the contest to their own accounts and let all their friends see it. The amount exposure you get depends on how interesting your contest is and how it is designed.

2.   Products Promotion

If you are launching a new product, running a contest that revolves around it is a good way for your product to be exposed. In fact, they can also be made as prizes for the winners which will start a kind of patronage. This method can also be used for your other products, for them to be known among your fans and to more people.

3.   Increase Fanbase

Increasing your fanbase can be easy with a strategically designed contest. Most contests require people to like the business page and follow some steps. If your contest is interesting enough with some good prizes in store, it will draw more people into your page, create additional fans, and will make people come back to your page every now and then for updates.

4.   Increase Engagement

Some contests can be designed to spark a conversation among existing fans while drawing in new ones. Such design will make people come back every now and then to your page, increasing brand retention while increasing visibility. Contests like those that require voting engage fans better than one-entry mechanisms.

5.   Data Collection

Contests can be away to gather information about people, especially if they are done advertised through other platforms. You can design a contest to gather the information that you need, although you have to be careful since too many questions and delays may discourage some people from joining.

By running contests on Facebook, which is properly designed to specific aims, you can leverage it to your social media marketing advantage.