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New Social Media Trends You Need to Watch Out For Your Business

No Comment Sep 01, 2020

For years, social media has evolved a considerable lot, providing new marketing challenges and opportunities to entrepreneurs and marketers. This mechanism has its pros and cons, but since social media has proven its effectiveness in making brands known and sell, people who you utilize this have to cope up with the changes that are happening overtime or they will find themselves lagging behind the competition for attention.

In the onset of 2014 a lot of changes have been seen in social media platforms such as Facebook, and more changes are expected to happen. So here are top trends that you need to do and understand for your business to keep up with the rest.

1.   Image- based content will continue to flourish

In 2013, internet people have seen how image- based content have ruled social media platforms. This is how then small platforms like Pinterest and Instagram rose to the level where it is right now. Therefore, you need to gain more skills in creating image-based content like basic Photoshop and design skills, as well as having the understanding of people’s psychology towards image based content in various platforms.

2.   Short Videos will gain more patronage

Vine and Instagram videos have proven the feasibility of short videos to go viral, and this is a sign of a changing patronage among people. Short videos are seen to be effective and more engaging because they require short time for full entertainment or information. Making short videos is a skill that is seen to be valuable in the coming months, so you need to learn it.

3.   Paying for Ads will become highly necessary

With bigger social networks shifting focus on profit by changing algorithms now and then, it is time to invest in social network ads. Social media is not that free anymore, that is the harsh reality! Thus, you need to rethink your marketing budget to better reach your audience.

4.    Cross- Device Usability will become more significant

The increased use of smartphone and tablets in accessing social media among people should tell you that you need to make sure your ads, posts and other social media efforts should be readily available through various devices. This will keep you in the competition and will make sure that your audience reach remains considerably fair, if not enormously high.

5.   Blogs Will Keep Their Status As Social Media Marketing center

Your blog is the hub where you can tell people more about you and your brand. Through engaging content and attractive design, you can convince people to consider what you offer. Most importantly, this is the place where you can create your own content which can be shared through social media channels. Keep your blog in good condition, because it remains to be the main direction at which your social media marketing efforts should direct traffic.


There are more incoming trends in the coming months, some of them anticipated and some will just surprise everyone. Keep up with the trend. This is your way of maintaining your milestone in your social media campaign.