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The Don’ts of Facebook Marketing

No Comment Aug 28, 2020

Successful Facebook marketing requires utmost discretion. You need to carefully follow the dos and don’ts to ensure your campaign success. In some instances, one wrong practice may jeopardize the whole campaign even if you do all other things correctly. So make sure that the loopholes in your social media marketing strategy is fixed in the soonest time possible.


So what are the things that you should not do in Facebook?

 1.       Too much selling

Posting too much advertisements and promotions in Facebook is big “no-no”. Trying to constantly sell in your posts is a sure way to scare away your fans and followers. Successful Facebook marketing is all about what interests people. So stop talking too much about your brand and deliver content that will make them stay and visit your page every now and then.

2.       Ignoring Your Audience

Facebook marketing doesn’t start and stop at posting content. How easy it could have been, if that was the case. Posting content is just the start, the most crucial part is how you interact with your audience. Whether they post negative or positive comments, you must be ready to respond. Building relationships is the best way to maximize Facebook marketing, and ignoring your audience is not a good way to do it.

3.       Write Lengthy Posts

Some may think that writing long posts in Facebook shows effort and commitment to connect and interact. It may be your intention of doing so, but posts that are too long are too tiring too read, and it may only cause your audience to not bother reading your content. Worse, they may hide you in their news feeds because your posts are too much of an eye-sore.

4.       Flooding the News Feeds

Studies reveal that the prime reason why some people unlike pages in Facebook is due to its too frequent posting. People want to connect to as many people as possible in social networks and dominating it by flooding posts may just cause them to despise you. So, schedule your postings accordingly.

5.       Buying Likes

Having thousands of likes in Facebook is surely flashy, but it’s only that and nothing more. Fake Facebook fans lower engagement. In fact, they may cause your legitimate audience to not be able to see you posts which defeats the whole purpose of your marketing campaign.


Your Facebook marketing efforts should be taken seriously if you want it to succeed. Do it with caution. Avoid unnecessary and unhelpful actions by starting with the above items.