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Top 5 Trends Dominating Online Marketing Today

No Comment Aug 27, 2020

Now that we are more than halfway through 2014, early predictions about this year’s internet trends as promulgated by experts seemed to be correct and are actually dominating the practice of today’s online marketing. These trends are very important for marketers to know and understand so they can use it for their own advantage.

This year’s dominating internet marketing trends didn’t fall far from last year’s. In fact, most of them are just continuation from previous year’s emerging trends, which will seem to continue on in the coming years. Here are the dominating trends in today’s online marketing:


1. Content Marketing Continues to Grow Better and Bigger

Shifting from traditional advertising mediums such as TV and print continues today as more and more businesses see the timeliness, relevance and vast potential of content marketing. The utilization of blogs, videos, social media and other internet platforms continue to rise in demand. Although challenges in content marketing like ROI measurement is still a dilemma for many marketers, the effectiveness of content marketing remains undeniable for brands around the world. So make sure to wrap up your content marketing strategies to better promote your brand.


2. Diversified Social Media Marketing

Facebook’s success paved the way for more social media platforms to emerge over time. Today, more of these sites continue to be introduced. In recent years, we have seen Pinterest and Instagram’s rise to fame. This presents a challenge to online marketers to choose all the right social media platforms for their efforts. We are now seeing a wider focus on social media, branching out from the basic sites as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This is also why multi-platform management software has become very popular.


3. Image-Centric Content Continues to Dominate the Web


The use of image-centric content for online marketing continues to rise. Many businesses are planning to increase their use of this content type in their websites, blogs and social media pages. This isn’t surprising as we witnessed how effective images and infographics are in driving traffic, encouraging engagement, and overall product marketing.


4. Mobile Marketing


Making businesses mobile-friendly is still rising. More and more businesses are now transforming their websites and blogs into mobile-friendly platforms as mobile usage also continue to rise. Though there remains to be a lot businesses that are yet to have mobile-responsive designs for their digital marketing, this number is expected to decline as we push through the rest of the year.


5. Social Signals Prove Effective in Driving Traffic


Whether it is causation or correlation, there is no mistaking that social signals have shown evidence of being helpful in terms of increasing organic search results. Social media marketing outputs continue to influence SEO and page ranking as these factors continue to intertwine overtime.

By understanding these trends and using it for your advantage, you can take your online marketing to higher grounds. Find out how you can incorporate the ideas in these trends into making your campaigns better and you will gain massive benefits for your brand.