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Choosing the Right Photos for Instagram Marketing

No Comment Aug 26, 2020

Social Media has been the avenue of the new generation people. And in order for your business to thrive, you need to reach out to more and more people every day. Marketing has been known to be the heart of every business and now that the new era of information technology continues to evolve, marketing using technology is also innovating. Social media now is not only limited to Facebook, Instagram has been also known to be one of the best social media marketing tool because of its convenient and easy photo-sharing features.

As Facebook continues to age, businesses are now using different social media apps like Instagram for marketing. I’ve heard of a rumor from one photographer businessman that he is transitioning the marketing of his photography classes to Instagram because the reach that he is getting in Facebook is a little bit questionable.  But Facebook is still Facebook and Instagram is quite different. If you decide to choose Instagram to market your business you must learn how to choose the right photos for your business or product’s image.

  1. Plan on what message you want your consumer to see. Since Instagram is more focused on photos, you must first ask yourself or brainstorm with your social media marketing team the message you want your audience to see. For a burger business, do you want your audience to know how juicy and tender your burger patty is? For clothing, do you want to cater the colorful designs and texture of the fabric that you use? Knowing how will look like will save a lot of time in choosing the photo that you will upload.
  1. If you want to know how to choose the best photo, you need to know how it is created. Learn basic photography stuff like composition and exposure. Instagram is all about photos and learning how to get the photos correctly is a must, for your message to be conveyed correctly. You don’t want an accidental blurry photos if you want a sharper image, because you don’t know how to get the right shot. Exposure is all about how dark or how bright your image will be. You might also want to learn how to crop the photo in order for the subject to be focused which is basic in photography.
  1. If you are the one taking the photos. Take multiple shots and upload the good ones only. Your image is your business in Instagram, so the better your photos are looking, the better your business image will be.

Good luck on the photos that you will upload. There are still a lot of things to consider but as long as your message is understood with your photo, you are on the right track.