customer loyalty with social media

How to Mold Loyal Customers with Social Media

No Comment Aug 25, 2020

A successful business is a business that gives a lot of revenue and profit, and to be able to make profit you need to have a sale. A sale is a made when your customers buy your product or get your service. In social media, one like might turn to a sale or order and it might be easy for your social media marketing team, but how do you make your customers follow your page? How do you make them get your service or refer you to other people and comment on the photos that you upload every day?

Your social marketing team might have a ton of strategy to make people turn around, like your product, and to check your page but converting them to a raving fan is different from them just checking you out, like an event or gala can market you product and increase your visibility to your target market, but how do you turn them into a loyal customer in social media? Let me discuss some pointers.


  1. Your social media content must focus on the interest of your target market. It is easy to post just any photo on your business page, but thinking what to post for your market is a must. Put yourself on the shoes of your customer is my content a head turner? If your target market is young people, make your content timely an up to date. Connecting what’s new today to benefit your product requires careful thinking and planning. Put hashtags that will target to what your market commonly uses.
  2. Make sure the administrator of your account is interacting with your customer in your social media page. Clients could be posting a question in your social media page and you should be aware of it. Doing this let’s your customer feel that you value them and you are there to answer on what they need thus increasing their trust on your business. Answer what they are asking on the comments and be polite even though sometimes there are bashers.
  3. Thank customers in social media by posting their pictures that you took in store on your social media page. A simple thank you will make them feel grateful about your service or product. If there are no pictures just saying thank you will do. This will also make other people try your product.
  4. Post deals and promotions on your social media page. This strategy will make your customers check you page more and follow you so they can be updated for special offers. A step up on this is doing an interactive promo. An interactive promo will make your followers so something on your page like comment or post photos for them to win your special offer.