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Why is Facebook Important to Small Businesses?

No Comment Aug 24, 2020

Social media marketing is becoming more popular than ever having caught the interest of many businesses both big and small. However, with the stiff competition, as well as limited time and resources, is a Facebook fan page really worth having for your small business?

The straight is answer is YES. Why?

Judging by the numbers, Facebook topples down other social networking site as Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and many others. Facebook reportedly has 900 million active users and 526 million of these users visit the site in a daily basis. With this number, it’s not smart to ignore the growing trend.

But aside from the quantity and scope, here are other top reasons why a Facebook fan page is good for your business:

1. Gaining Brand Loyalty and Build Relationships

Facebook, as a social networking site, is very personal. It is where people share their likes, activities and interests. By making your business available in this site, people who are interested in your brand may stumble upon it and create a connection with you. Maybe, liking some posts to begin with and then commenting. Overtime, this interaction has the greatest potential to create relationships, build trusts and gain loyal customers for your brand. A single relationship built on Facebook could also pave the way to creating more relationships and eventually allow you to build a community.

2. Increase Visibility for your Brand

A lot of people are hooked with Facebook and it is where to big discussions are happening. As a business person, you should know that being in the discussion loop is good for your business. So, if people start to see your brand through your posts, shares and interactions, there are higher chances of you getting promoted by them through sharing and starting discussions about you.

3. Boost traffic for your Site

If you have a website for your business, Facebook can help you increase traffic towards that site. By sharing and promoting it to your friends and followers on Facebook, you are opening a channel that will drive them towards your business site and increase the chances of getting profit.

4. Get Significant Information about Your Customers

Knowing what your customer wants is important for you to improve your business or your marketing strategy, and you can get such information from Facebook. This is where people express everything from interest to complaints, so it acts like a big hub of testimonials of what they want about a specific product and review of your competitors and other businesses.

5. Improve Business Through Better Marketing and New Products

As said, Facebook gives you an insight of what people need. Through this information, you can gain ideas on new products you can offer or how to improve your overall marketing strategy. This will expand your business and help you grow as a business person.


However, you must remember that Facebook’s power lies in how you make use of it and how you maximize it. By being creative, observant and responsive, there is no way that you won’t be able to harness Facebook’s full potential for your business growth.