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Is your Content Marketing Strategy Up to Date?

No Comment Aug 23, 2020

It has been repeated over and over again in many digital marketing discussions that “content is king” to the point that it is becoming too cliché. However, the truth that it bears could never be overstated. Amid all the new digital marketing methodologies being introduced, the value of good content remains constant in the success of digital campaigns.

Various digital marketing trends have been emerging overtime, but good content strategy remains on the list. So, if you are still on the process of developing your content strategy, here are some insights that may help you:

1. Refocus. It’s not so much about the brand anymore but the experience and satisfaction of your audience. Traditional marketing strategies that highlight too much on the brand have proven less effective compared to content that indulges, entertains, informs or educates people.

2. Revisit. Look at your “early stage” search terms and identify which of them drives the most traffic to your site. This can be your basis in knowing what questions people are asking, and what they are looking for. As well, check your early stage content production and how well it engages your audience; this will give you a base on the direction to take on your next set of content strategy.

3. Explore. Monotony is boring, discover and use other forms of content that can intensify visitors’ engagement and have higher potential to be shared.

4. Consider creating an inbound content destination. It is through this that you invite your visitors to explore your solutions rather than directly promoting your brand. This will help you build relationships and trust that has the biggest potential for conversion.

5. Go mobile. Deliver content to your visitors in the format they want. With most people surfing the web through their Iphones and smartphones, presenting content that is mobile-user friendly can give you considerable advantage.

There remains to be countless ways to improve in your marketing strategy but considering these points may just help you create a more effective content strategy for 2014 and the years to come.