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How Some Businesses Misuse Social Media

No Comment Aug 22, 2020

Using social media in business promotions requires logic and sound strategy. It doesn’t stop at just making social media accounts and then posting anything you think of. In fact, many businesses fail in their social media campaign because the things that they post are not well thought out.

Posting in social media is different from doing traditional advertisements in television, print or radio. Many business owners seem to omit the “social” part of social media marketing and end up talking too much about themselves, their brand, what they think. This kind of social media marketing campaign is doomed to fail.

Remember, social media is a two-way conversation and not a monologue.

Here are the different ways in which businesses misuse social media in actual social media campaigns:


1.   Focusing too much on the business and the brand

Some businesses only talk about the brand, its features, how it works, and how good it is. This is a traditional marketing style fit in traditional platforms, but social media is different, the way you introduce your brand should involve your audience, their experiences, reviews, and other things that interest them. Putting their interest before yours will generate engagement in great level.

2.   Not Responding to Their Audience

Interaction with your fans is a very important element in the success of social media marketing. Some businesses, however, fail to respond to comments or questions of their fans. Once they post, they leave it and focus on what post to put next. Make sure that you interact with your fans regularly, answer questions, express thanks for positive feedback and the like. This will help establish a good relationship with your fans, which has a great ROI potential.

3.   Failure to Come Up with  Strategies to Encourage Interaction

Again, interaction is important, and this is something that some businesses don’t realize. Social media marketing is not chiefly about visibility but reputation, following and engagement. Some businesses design their posts to be one sided, not something that encourages conversation. And as a result, interest for their brand or business is not stirred and the whole campaign defeats its purpose.

There are many benefits that businesses can derive from social media marketing, like getting actual reviews from actual consumers of your product, which you can use to improve your business. To get these benefits and more, you need to avoid the above steps and start creating a strategy that is pro-consumer.