Instagram Finally Arrives in the Hootsuite Dashboard

No Comment Aug 12, 2020

Hootsuite brought good news a few days ago when it finally announced the addition of Instagram into its roster of social media platforms. The most popular photo app is now integrated with the powerful social media management software, giving a big sigh of relief to all social media marketers who have always wanted to do more with Instagram.

In recent months, citizens of the World Wide Web have witnessed the rise of Instagram to popularity. Digital marketers have seen Instagram as the most effective photo-sharing platform for social media marketing with a vast potential for further growth. In no time at all, big and small businesses from all over the world started sharing content in the app and some have been very successful in gaining a lot of followers and building a community in it.

A Solution to Many Challenges

However, with the effectiveness of Instagram comes the challenge for marketers to manage them. Instagram lacked the management features that other social networking sites offer to marketers. Today, due to Hootsuite’s announcement, marketers and managers can now use the platform with better ease.


As the Hootsuite announcement stated:

With this new integration, users can now use Hootsuite to:

  • Schedule and publish content in Instagram
  • Monitor and engage with Instagram audiences
  • Share Instagram access to teams securely
  • Use Hootsuite for creating workflows, delegate tasks and handle approvals for Instagram

Easier Management for Social Media Marketers

With these features, it is now easier for marketers and managers to fire up their Instagram marketing strategy. We can now say goodbye to days of tedious manual posting and solo-management for security’s sake. Instagram is not a separate platform anymore to manage, check, and engage with audience but is now part of a platform where you can see your campaign, your progress and your activities in one place. You can interact in Instagram using the same window you use to interact with your Twitter followers and Facebook fans. This is one chip in the shoulder removed for many and the possibilities are potentially endless with this new development.