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4 Effective Ways to Improve Customer Service through Social Media

No Comment Aug 12, 2020

Commendable customer service is a vital component in the success of a business. It is one of the reasons why clients keep coming back. It’s your business’ frontline in satisfying your customers.


Social media allows direct interaction which makes it easier for businesses to reach out to their customers and demonstrate their customer service prowess. If you don’t know how to do this, the following tips are for you:


1. Listen and Understand

Many customers say that good customer service is when they are really listened to by the people they are having business with. Many businesses went down due to their failure to listen and understand their client’s concerns and address them. Through social media you will be able to listen to the concerns of your clients. It is a channel where they give their criticisms and appreciation so make sure to watch out for them.


Answer queries, respond to concerns and make them feel like they are being listened to and understood.


2. Make Them Feel Great About Doing Business with You

Customer appreciation can be magnified through social media channels. Back in the day, the best way to make a client feel appreciated was by sending them gifts, which can be costly for business. With social media, you can readily express your appreciation by mentioning customers or by featuring them on your page.

Also, social media allows you to improve your customer experience by being prompt in answering questions and accommodating your customers’ needs. It is also a platform where you can easily find out how to make your clients feel happier about doing business with you.


3. Be Actively Present

A social media page that is stagnant makes it less interesting in the eyes of the customers, and considering the large number of people on social media, this can be a big loss to a business. By being active and current through consistent posting and interaction, it will make your customers feel that the people they are doing business with can be reached easily and will always be there whenever they need help.


4. Foster Thoughtfulness


Customers love a thoughtful business. How would you feel if you just purchased an item and without even posting on social media, the store you bought it from suddenly mentions you in Twitter wishing you to enjoy the purchase? Wouldn’t you feel important? This same kind of thoughtfulness makes your business appear that you are going the extra mile to make them feel appreciated.