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Post Ideas for Facebook to Make Your Page More Interesting

No Comment Aug 07, 2020

Content is king! The same goes for your social media marketing campaign. In Facebook, which is considered the top social media marketing platform, the competition is mostly decided on which page produces the best content—ones that are engaging, stir emotions and highly shareable with great potential to go viral.

The competition for attention in Facebook’s world of fast pace content production from millions of business pages, groups and individuals can be very challenging. Some marketers feel too much pressure that they start to run out of content ideas to produce.

So, what do you post when you don’t know what to post?

If you begin to run out of ideas on what to post, here are some of the most appealing posts on Facebook that you can easily find in the internet:

1. Blog Posts or Articles That Inspires

Industry blogs are great sources for posts to share on Facebook. Choose stories and posts that inspires and motivates people in your line of business, or anything that you think fits your fans. Many people find inspiring posts very interesting and highly shareable. This is where websites like Thought Catalogue gain their popularity.


Meaningful, inspirational, and motivational quotes do great in social networks. Find ones that you feel that your fans can easily relate to. Quotes laid over photos like ones in Pinterest are also very appealing to many.

3. Images and Infographics

Images easily go viral on Facebook and other social networking platforms. They are easy to digest and highly appealing to people. The same is true with infographics. They are visually creative ways in presenting ideas and many people responds positively on them.

4. Industry News and Updates

Being up to date with the latest news and updates in your industry gives you a sense of integrity. Subscribe to credible news sources that are related to your business and share it with your fans. You can also make use of trending news and spin it to relate to your business and audience.

5. Your Website/ Blog Content

If your business has a website or blog, share your own content. It will not only add value to your Facebook page but will increase traffic to your main site. Better yet, develop more contents for your main site and share them on Facebook and other social media every now and then.


With little research and creativity it is easy to find post ideas for your Facebook. You may even refer to your competitors’ pages and see what kinds of posts they have that have large engagements.