Grow Your Twitter Audience by Spending Only 30 Minutes a Day

No Comment Aug 07, 2020

Understanding how Twitter works will eventually make it clear that posting is not enough to build a considerable follow, much less a loyal and active audience. Building a community in Twitter takes more than just passive posting, but actually actively building it. Many businesses have seen how slow growth can be on Twitter if you only rely on the “coming in” of people as they come. To see real significant growth, you need to be direct and that you understand your goals very well.
By spending only 30 minutes per day, you can already build your audience and grow it over time.

The Overall Strategy

Active audience growth is by actually going out in there and finding the users that are interested in your products and services who are actively discussing about your niche in the moment. The idea is to let yourself into the conversation in a non-spammy approach, but adding value.

Use the search bar to search for these people. Use hashtags and keywords that are directly relevant to your business. When you find these people, you will not ask them to check your website or follow you. You will answer questions and add value to the conversation. If you catch their attention, they will check your bio and your website without you telling them.
There are two steps to this strategy:

• Find and Engage Twitter Users (20 minutes)
• Following Other Users (10 minutes)

  1. Finding and Engaging Users
    For 20 minutes, you need to find users who are actively discussing whatever is relevant to your business. Use Find people who are actually talking actively about your niche and filter out the noise. Take advantage of Twitter’s Advance Search to target users.
    When you are able to find these users, make sure that you get into the conversation in a not so formal kind of way (well, depending on the tone of the conversation). Make yourself a part of the conversation and add important information, answer questions, give them something to talk about, think about and realize. That is when you get their attention and you can expect them to follow you there and then.
  2. Following Other Users
    People have the tendency to follow back whenever someone or something interesting follows them on Twitter. You can also use Advanced Search for this, but the short-cut is to find your competitor or any business similar to you on Twitter with a considerable number of followers. Check the people who followed them and follow those people. You will gain a higher chance of a “follow-back, because majority of these people may be interested in your products and services.
  3. By taking these steps and doing it 30 minutes a day, you will grow your Twitter audience incredibly.