How to Deal with Haters on Social Media

No Comment Aug 07, 2020

Social media is the top communication tool nowadays and many people and businesses benefit from the convenience and efficiency it provides. In fact, this tool has helped us tremendously in reaching out to people despite busy schedules and everyday living. It is an avenue to connect with people and get information quickly.

Social media helps us express ourselves in our unique way and get feedback instantaneously from our followers. Their feedback also gives us an idea on what to improve and helps us adjust ourselves to become better in what we do.

Since the internet gave us the advantage to express ourselves freely, we also get reactions and responses from other social media users easily. Social media allows them to say their opinions on your posts, products and services. Their commentaries about you serve as reference to other people to know more about you and your business.

There are different kinds of people who give their feedback on social media. They are the positive ones, critical ones, and negative ones. Of course the positive ones are easy to handle and are encouraging, while the critical and negative ones put you in a challenging situation. You have to determine which people are critical and which are negative or most commonly known as your haters. Once you’ve learned to separate the critical from the haters, your next step is to learn how to handle them. Here are pointers on how to deal with your haters:

    1. Do not take it personally.
      Always remember that haters will hate. No matter how much you try to be good to them, they will stay the same. Their comments are not a direct reflection of you, it is a reflection of them. Just imagine these people wasting time to post negative things on your social media account. This only means they have lots of time to spend bashing you and even others. Your haters are your lovers in some sort, because they take time to read and browse through your page and leave a comment. So just smile and ignore!
    2. Stay mum about the issue.
      Remember that if you respond a single word to bad comments, this only fires up the person who did it. Any kind of energy invested only passes to another. It will sure boost the person’s ego because you took notice and reacted to what he said. Just focus and save your energy to those who appreciate and people who are providing constructive criticism for your betterment.
    3. Delete, block and forget.
      Your page is your property. You have every right to control what comes in and what goes out. So delete the negative comments, block the persistent hater and simply forget about them. Just plain and simple.
    4. Increase positive content.
      In response to those negative commentaries, do it the other way. Up your posts with happy videos, positive and inspiring quotes, beautiful pictures, like your followers posts/comments and reply with enthusiasm. Take care and invest your energy to people who are around to support you.

These are some hints and tips to deal with haters on your social media account and hope this will make your life easier and merrier!