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5 Things You Should Stop Doing on Twitter

No Comment Jul 30, 2020

Twitter is among the top social media platforms recommended for marketing. Due to its different features, primarily the 140-character limit, promoting on it requires a different approach in comparison to other platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. And while there are many devised methodologies for Twitter business campaigns, there are still does who are doing it wrong.

Here are common things people do on Twitter that you should stop doing or you can expect your marketing campaign to fail:

1. Touching on controversial issues.

It’s true that Twitter is a platform of opinion but just because it is, doesn’t mean that you can say anything you want, especially issues that are very controversial. Polarizing opinions in your business’ Twitter page may offend some of your audience, so be careful and stay on the safe side. Talk about things related to your industry or those that help your audience. However, if you have a strong opinion on an issue that’s related to your business, you can consider that as an exception.

2. Unfocused Tweeting

Personality is great in Twitter, but as a business entity you must maintain a sense of decorum. Make your tweets relevant to your business. A few light updates related to work fun or employee’s activities may be good, but keep it to a minimum. Maintain a professional voice to keep your image. Focus your tweets on what is expected of you, what is helpful to your business, and what is relevant to your audience.

3. Engaging in Negative Conversations

Never rant and never engage in a negative and heated argument with anyone in Twitter. Approach criticisms with professionalisms or just ignore them. Chances are they will just go away. Worst case scenario is that you will just be bashed, destroy your whole campaign, and may even face lawsuits. Yikes!

4. Over-Hashtagging

Hashtags are important for your tweets to be found by those who are looking for them. However, too many hashtags doesn’t only look bad, it makes you sound like an idiot. Make sure the hashtags you are using are actual search terms or they lose their purpose. Stay with the safe one or two hashtags rule.

5. Too Many “Me” or “Us” Tweets

Remember that the purpose of Twitter is to promote and get attention for your brand, and one definite way of doing this wrongly is talking about yourself the whole time. In social media marketing, engagement is important and it only happens if you relate to your audience, talk to them, and get into the conversation with them.

Twitter as a brand marketing campaign is effective. Yet, if done wrong, it has the potential to ruin your brand.