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Facebook Page Local Marketing Strategies to Boost Local Business Visibility

No Comment Jul 24, 2020

For local businesses that are only starting to build their community on Facebook, increasing visibility may seem like an impossible trek. Apart from existing competitions for attention in a fast-paced platform, trying to get everyone jump into your ship without spending fortunes on advertisements and other promotional methods feel like impossible in the beginning. How many times have we seen businesses start up a page, only to leave it later because of the demanding art of social media marketing? In spite of tons and tons of tips from so-called experts, social media marketing for local businesses still feel like an uphill climb.

But, is there another way?


Like traditional marketing, social media marketing needs careful selection of methodologies and strategies. There is no shoe that fits all in this endeavor, and knowing what strategies to use, how, and when to use it makes the difference. Here are some tips to boost local business visibility through your Facebook business page:


  1. The Use of Local Images and Videos

Nothing can spark up interest in the social media more than a familiar place, happenings or events. People are always drawn to things they can relate to. So, if your business can provide that sense of familiarity and belongingness, people will come back over and over again to your page. This also encourages engagement and discussions. It is easier to build a local community using local themes and topics because your audience can readily and easily identify with it.


  1. Have Your Customers and Fans Featured

Social media, as been said over and over again, is all about building relationships. And one way to do it is to make people feel that they are noticed and given due importance. Take the time to feature you customers and fans and how they got associated with your business. Talk about satisfied clients and name them on you page (just make sure that no privacy matters are violated). Tag them in photos, upload videos with them. This will generate engagement not only from the people featured but from people who know them personally, which most of the time, are also locals.


  1. Join Local Pages and Groups and Interact

Facebook groups provide an avenue for marketing and networking. This is especially beneficial for B2B enterprises. Search out local groups and participate in discussions. This will eventually give your business a chance to be introduced and your pages to be visible to other local businesses and people.


There are more ways to boost your business page’s Facebook visibility. Other hacks include building an email list, collaborating with other businesses, using local hashtags, and offering perks for your customers. As mentioned above, local marketing for Facebook is all about choosing the fitting strategies and testing them out to see what works.