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Power Up Your Instagram Marketing with These Tips

No Comment Jul 16, 2020

Instagram, in recent months, has evolved from a simple photo sharing app patronized by those in the teen demographics into a social media marketing powerhouse that is now a venue for brands and businesses to build relationships with people, connect to potential customers, and find leads. At the start of 2015, Instragram users surged into a staggering 300 million, surpassing Twitter—making it a golden-chip of social media where a lot of things could possibly happen.

Admittedly, however, Instagram marketing is not for everyone; but there are brands and businesses that were able to present their products and services in a way that they perfectly fit in the Instagram mechanism. Consequently, many brands have already found success in this social media platform and many are still trying to find their ways around it.

For those who are trying to gain the most from Instagram marketing, here are tips that you will sure to find helpful:

Tip #1: Add a Link to Your Profile

Nowhere else on Instagram will you be able to place a clickable link other than your profile’s bio description, so take advantage of it. Use it to put your website URL or a link to your brand’s landing page. Fortunately, you can edit it anytime.

Tip #2: Creatively Showcase Products and Services

A nice piece of necklace on top of a counter sure looks good, but being worn by a real person in a real situation surrounded by real people is even better. Make sure to be creative on how you present your products that it catches the attention of those scrolling up and down their mobile. Come up with variety of ways to present and make sure the pics are of good quality.

Before and after photos are also amazing as they tell a very good story and markets your product way better.

Tip #3: Use Text Overlays for Added Info

Using text overlays in Instagram images adds not only design, but also a marketing message for your brand. Use simple editing tools on your mobile and you’re good to go. Texts like dates, price, options, and other info can be great. Although some may argue that you can put these details in the caption, some people don’t have the time to read that.

Tip #4: Caption Wisely

The caption is there for a reason so take advantage of it.  Be creative and at the same time straightforward. Make clear CTA’s and added info. Avoid too much unnecessary words and get straight to your point. CTA’s that tell people what to do have proven to be effective in increasing engagement and driving traffic to your website.

Tip #5: Use Hashtags

Although originally a concept from Twitter, hashtags have become more useful in Instragram. You can use 10-15 hashtags for a single post, so be deliberate in using it. Incorporate a mix of popular and relevant hashtags, as well as a hashtag that you have built your marketing strategy and community around. Using and choosing hashtags may sound tricky, but it’s not. Test what clicks and what doesn’t.

Still, there are a lot more ways on how Instagram can be boosted to propel your marketing forward. However, above listed are the basic ones you should not overlook.