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Challenges of Local Marketing and How to Survive It

No Comment Jul 10, 2020

With the “mobilegeddon” being the latest buzz in the digital marketing world, local marketing also catches a ray of the spotlight. More and more experts are saying that mobile search is local search with impressive data backing up the claims.

According to Search Engine Watch , “Currently, 20 percent of ALL searches have local intent.”

What are the results of local searches?

  • 94 percent of smartphone users search for location info
  • 51 percent visited a store
  • 48 percent called a store
  • 29 percent made a purchase

With or without these numbers, the importance of investing efforts on making sure local marketing is a success has been reiterated over and over again; most especially in these times where macro goes head to head with micro in the race against dominating the market. International and big brands now compete against locals and vice-versa, made possible by how the World Wide Web leveled the playing field. And it now only boils down to strategies and smart investments.

Apart from these considerations, there are also challenges on how to stay updated, connected, and breathing in the fast-paced realm of the internet; with new updates, algorithm changes, emerging platforms and fresh trends every now and then. Without a clear understanding of what needs to be done, local business owners may suffocate and be overwhelmed with what’s current and what’s to come in the face of web competition.

How Can Your Local Small Business Thrive?

Fortunately, a small business doesn’t need to break the bank or hire an internet wiz with a fat paycheck to be digitally competitive in local marketing. There are easy ways to survive “mobilegeddon” and the digital competition as a whole. Some of the top tips experts always highlight are as follows:

  • Google Business Listing Utilization

Make use of Google Business Listing starting with making a website for your brand or business. Verify this through the list and start connecting and promoting your business in the world’s no. 1 search engine. Make use of proven effective and generally accepted SEO techniques to rank in search pages.

  • Facebook Advertising

Facebook doesn’t only connect the world, but local people as well. Through Facebook you can easily reach the local market and by using Facebook ads and being smart about it, you are a already a few steps ahead of the local marketing race.

  • ­Local Directory Listings

Today, more than ever, local directories and portals have become more useful, to the point of being a necessity rather than an option to local businesses. Search for local directories, enlist your business and start promoting.

  • Organizing Local Events

People love going out on events they can relate to. Organize one that will sure to get the attention and interest of your target market, and then use social media to promote it.

  • Connect with Locals On Twitter

Twitter continues to be the runner up in being an effective social media marketing platform (next to the giant Facebook). Use it to search for local people and connect with them.


There are still a whole bunch of strategies you can adopt but this list includes the basics that you need to be doing. Start today!