google+ collections and seo

SEO and Local Marketing Opportunities with Google+ Collections

No Comment May 15, 2020

Contrary to popular assumption, Google+ is very much alive and kicking. Google’s social networking platform introduces a new feature showing that after reports of it being dead, Google+ has returned to life. Although not met with gigantic excitement from social media experts, this new feature is still seen to be a potential attractive roll that, if properly marketed (not only the feature, but Google+ as a whole), could create a stream of new Google+ users building up communities basing, not on influencers, but on interests.

Google+ Collections is the new feature that allows an account or page to group together content basing on topics. Google+ official page says, “Our happiest Google+ users are those who connect with others around shared interests and passions. So we set out to give people a place to express the things they love.”

A Google+ user can create “collections” of various content types, which are focused on particular topics. Not only will it make content organizing inside Google+ easier and more exciting, it will also allow the audience to get a hold of content on their topics of interests. Every collection can be shared publicly, privately, or customized to include a set of people. User’s profile will display a new tab where other people can find and follow the collections once they are created.

Google+ Collections and SEO

The SEO benefit coming in from the Collections feature, specifically in gaining new followers and front page exposure heavily depends on how this new feature, along with the whole platform, be marketed and exposed. Also, if non G+ users are easily exposed to this feature, they are more likely to create an account and start a catalyst of networks based on interests and topics.

Opportunity for Local Businesses

With the success of Google+ Collections still dependent on the success of the overall Google+ platform, considering the slow accumulation of active users, it may be true that this feature still has a long way to go before it becomes a notably significant feature in the vast world of social media. However, there is an opportunity that lies under this innovation—something that local businesses can take advantage of.

The interest for “local” information can be highlighted through the collections that will easily pull in interesting audience, which can also be potential customers for local businesses. And since Google+ collections are very specific, they can entice audience to stay longer which could lengthen a brand’s exposure.

Should You Start Creating Collections Today?

Although the success of the feature is still to be determined from future outcomes, coming in earlier may offer slight advantages. This includes being able to group together content and identify which content topics need to be prioritized moving forward with content planning and creation, finding out which of your content topics are more interesting to your G+ audience, and grow your collection overtime and have it ready when the Collections feature is already on  the roll.