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Facebook Posting Tactics that Will Increase Your Engagement

No Comment Apr 14, 2020

Overtime, Facebook marketing has become more challenging. Crowded feeds, changes in Facebook algorithm and too much noise coming from brand competitions add up to the challenge that every marketer, old and new, are facing today.

And while Facebook remains to be in the forefront of social media’s most effective platforms for marketing, the crowdedness seem to drown the interest away for marketing amateurs to find alternatives in platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and other emerging ones. However, no one can deny that Facebook is still crucial for any social media marketing campaign and brands need to step up to cope up with present marketing challenges.

It is all about getting noticed amidst the noise and this is what drives engagement to any Facebook page. Fortunately, there are still a handful of ways one can utilize to increase your engagement. Here are some tips that will sure to “up” your game and gain you that much needed engagement:

1. Native Videos Posting

Right now, Facebook is big about videos and experts say that posting videos directly on Facebook rather than channeling through YouTube gains higher engagement. Recently, videos started to emerge as leading content types for gaining engagement. By posting directly and making it interesting and wonderfully crafted, you can gain much for your Facebook marketing.

2. Share Quote Photos

The flair of quote photos hasn’t faded yet. In fact, quote photos remain as one of top engagement winners in today’s Facebook. Try making your own photo quote with a watermark of your brand for more recognition and exposure as it is shared across platforms.

3. Maximize your CTA Button

The call-to-action button, introduced by Facebook in late 2014, provided the needed addition for business owners. You can choose from seven presently available CTAs to engage first time visitors and guests of your page.

4. Focus on Your Key Topics

Buzzsumo is one of the most used content curation tool for marketers. You can use this to get interesting stories, contents and information about your topics. You can determine what gets much attention and why. This benchmarking tool will change the way you generate content and skyrocket your engagement.

5. Increase Posting Frequency

If you are creating valuable content and schedules your posts accordingly but still doesn’t get much engagement, then the issue could be on posting frequency. Up your posting frequency and get attention, this might just be the key to elevate your engagement rate.

6. Jump in on Trending Topics

Trending topics becomes trendy for a reason—people are interested in them. Jump in on this and join the conversation and you will get the engagement you need. Be creative in presenting them, and while there are topics that are way out your brand line, use your creative juices to connect it with your brand and present it in a new and relevant way.