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Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Visual Content Marketing

No Comment May 21, 2020

Visual content is on the rise in both appreciation and effectiveness in promoting brands and businesses across various social media platforms. The success of image-based social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram, and the notable accomplishments of visual content in Facebook and Twitter speak much about users’ response to visual content. Thus, it is only a smart move for small businesses to launch an all-new visual content marketing strategy, in case they don’t have one yet.

According to statistics, contents containing images gain an average of 94% more total views compared to plain text content. Sixty- seven percent of consumers also consider clear, detailed, high-quality images to be very important and carries more weight as compared to product descriptions and text-based information.

Experts agree that 2015 is truly the year of visual content and anyone who dares not believe this is in for a social media marketing drag, or worse, a totally failing content strategy. Here are some of the most prominent reasons why visual content marketing is the new “big thing” in social media:

1.   Easy to Consume. In a cluttered social media landscape, something that is quick and easy to understand and consume is heaven sent. Visual content takes less time to appreciate and comprehend, making it friendly to users.

 2.    It Doesn’t Just Tell, It Shows! While full product descriptions provide comprehensive information about the product, it still isn’t enough for many consumers. In this age wherein “looks matter”, showing the product provides more value than just talking about it.

 3.   Its Social Media Friendly. Sites like Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest show how friendly social media is to photos and images. Not only that, it is also easy to upload images through mobile phones which is widely used today. The success of images in social media platforms is massively undeniable.

 4.   Good for Search Optimization. Digital marketing always boil down to visibility and accessibility. With the use of search-friendly captions and metadata your images are champions for search optimization.

 5.   It Builds Relationships. People are generally visual; they respond and feel images more than words, at least for the vast majority. This is why it is easy to get attention and build relationship using images.

 6.   No Language Barriers. We all know that a picture paints a thousand words, in fact, those words are from thousands of languages. Visual content marketing breaks through the language barrier and make more people around the globe understand and appreciate your content.


So, is your social media strategy ready for the Visual Content Marketing challenge?