Instagram Tests Upgrades That Can Help Businesses

No Comment Apr 19, 2021

Instagram is testing some upgrades and the online business community should be excited about their eventual implementation. The image-based social networking platform has undoubtedly surpassed many aspiring social media channels in keeping up with the giants as Facebook and Twitter. Started out as a personal photo-sharing platform, businesses have jumped in and took advantage of Instagram’s growing community and vast potential, making it one of the widely used platforms for many businesses across various industries. Recently, Instagram tested some upgrades and online marketers are getting excited as it opens wider avenues for effective marketing.

This is how the new Instagram business profile looks like in IOS:

All Photos Courtesy of the Later Blog     

instagram contact button  

There are three updates being tested:

  • The new CONTACT button that directs you to send an email or get directions to locations.
  • A linkable location tag.
  • Categorization for profiles.


The new CONTACT button is then one generating massive buzz among social media marketing enthusiasts, as it actually frees up the bio section for other business details. When “hit”, the CONTACT button will lead to a pop-out which will ask you whether to “EMAIL” the owner or “GET DIRECTIONS”. Thus, there is no need to include the address and email address on the limited-character bio.

instagram contact button

This new feature makes it easy to get in touch with someone in Instagram, as people and businesses are becoming more reachable. Some are hesitant to put in their email address in their bio due to risk of spam emails.

The Linked Location Tag will take you to a mapped location of the individual or business. This is also a huge step in reaching people and businesses.

instagram contact button

Finally, a new category feature is also included under the name in an Instagram profile, which very much resembles Facebook Pages. This feature will make it easier for people to identify an account or for businesses to directly tell their audience what they are all about.

instagram contact button

These three updates free up your Instagram bio to include other vital information. Many thinks these new upgrades will make Instagram even better.

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