Google My Business update API v3

Everything You Need to Know about Google My Business API v3

No Comment Apr 13, 2021

On May 5th, Google released an important update to the Google My Business API. The Google My Business API v3 provides businesses more control over location data and has included automation to a few steps in GMP API management. Here are the things you need to know about this new update:


  • Added Location Attributes- Google branches out from providing only address and operating hours to other specific details about the business. This allows businesses to include important information of their products and services that will help in catching the interest of potential clients. This feature is currently available in GMB API only, so you may not find it in the Google My Business dashboard yet if you manually update your Google listings. Google will display these keywords on other platforms soon, like Search, Maps, Ads, Google+ and others.


  • Improved Reviews Feature- Google knows how valuable reviews can be for your business and so it also improved the reviews feature. From viewing only five “Most Helpful” reviews, you will be able to see all and even reply through the API.


  • Select Your Photos in Search Results- You now have control of what Google+ photo will display first in search results. Cool stuff!


  • Location Matching Automation- Unverified locations in Google My Business can now be matched to locations on Google Maps through the API.


  • Improved Multiple Location Management- Multiple locations on Google My Business can now be organized into various business accounts, allowing franchisees and local managers to manage only their respective accounts.


Google My Business API v3 also includes the following updates:

  • Search filters improvement
  • See locations that need verification
  • Looser restrictions on photo URL structure

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Resources to help you take advantage of the API V3 update:

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