The Perfect SEO Landing Page

No Comment Apr 07, 2021

What Constitutes a Perfect Local SEO Landing Page?

Local marketing has now sprung from the side lines to the limelight, with search engine updates, innovations, and new features geared towards the utilization and ease of local search. This prompted marketers to design their approaches to fit the current trend of going down to local search as a means of generating traffic and converting them into sales. One such strategy is to enhance landing pages into local SEO landing pages that delivers optimum search engine ranking potential and excellent leads.

Local SEO ranking factors

There are primary ranking factors for every page and this is something you need to ensure if you want your landing page to reap the amazing benefits of local search. These include:

  • Mention of City, State in the Landing Page Title
  • Search Results Click-Through Rate
  • Topical keyword Relevant to the Name of the Domain
  • Quality of Inbound Links to URL of landing page
  • Product/ Service Keyword in Landing Page Title
  • Authority of Page Landing URL
  • Mention of city, state in H1/H2 tags
  • NAP HTML matching location NAP
  • Landing page Load Time
  • City/Neighborhood relevance to content of domain

The Perfect Local SEO Landing Page

More information has been gathered about the science of click through, most gathered from PPC. There may not be a one-size fits all solution to the perfect local SEO landing page, but here are some of the inclusions proven to deliver desired results:

  1. Ad Copy and its Context
  2. Engaging page headline
  3. Detailed Product Features
  4. Laid-out product benefits
  5. Inclusion of a Location Map
  6. CTA
  7. Reviews, Testimonials, and Relevant Case Studies
  8. Excellent customer service through a local representative.

The perfect local SEO landing page has these basic components. However, its effectiveness heavily depends on its functions and aims, as well as how it is drawn into the landing page.