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Snapchat Marketing: Ad Prices to Go Down for Brands with new API

No Comment Apr 06, 2021

Snapchat ads prices are expected to look more reasonable for brands with the incorporation of a new ads API. Prices of ads in one of the most fast-rising social network platform is one of the biggest complaints of marketers wanting to utilize Snapchat for their online marketing campaigns. The expected slash on ads prices will get much of the financial constraints out of the picture and encourage further developments in Snapchat’s advertising mechanism.

According to a Snapchat insider, the new API for ads could only cost brands around $100,000 at minimum, which is $400,000 lower than Instagram when it first opened for ads. Prices for Snapchat ads changed significantly in 2015, ($20 for 1,000 views) and 2016 ($55 dollars for 1,000 views), which seems to “test the waters” on how far will marketers go to get their ads to users.

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The New Ads API

This month, a new ads API was launched that allows Snapchat to provide advertising through third-party tech firms. The firms plug into the app and serve ads for advertising clients. This API also provides more flexibility on how much brands can spend on ads since it automates the mechanism of delivering ads, group targeting, and measuring.

Consequently, this will lead to more ads shown now due to third-party firms, which on their own have a considerable lineup of advertisers wanting to buy into Snapchat. The lowered minimum also means more earnings for the platform as more advertisers are expected to come in. This may also be a sign that Snapchat is trying to experiment on ways to better handle ads.

Good news for Marketers

The launching of Snapchat’s new ads API fuelled the excitement among the online advertising community as they can now get creative on this fast-growing platform without having to break the bank for their advertising budget. This also means that small businesses can also take advantage of the platform’s growing user population.


With this new development, Snapchat advertising is expected to get into the mainstream of digital and social media marketing.


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