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Snapchat Marketing: How to Run a Snapchat Screenshot Contest

No Comment Jan 20, 2021

Snapchat is rapidly becoming the most popular social media app today, being used and appreciated by a wide range of age groups. In fact, Snapchat’s engagement is way higher than in any other social media platforms, making it the newest “apple of the eye” for online marketers. Holding a Snapchat contest will gain you surprising returns, as many who tried it already experienced.

Running a Snapchat Screenshot Contest is easy. Taking these simple steps that will guarantee amazing results.


Step 1. Make Sure You Have Enough Followers

Before holding a contest, we suggest that you build your community first. The bigger your following, the bigger the return on your contest! If you don’t have a Snapchat community yet, build your following by cross-platform promotion, using paid ads, or other means to increase exposure.

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Step 2. Outline a Clear Criteria

This should include everything from dates of the campaign to the judging of screenshots. Make sure that the criteria are well defined and all necessary details are included. The criteria for judging should also be clear with equivalent scores on each criteria so you can justify the verdict.

You can use any prize as a giveaway for winners because people always love free stuff. However, try to stick to products or services related to your brand to increase brand awareness and appreciation.


Step 3. Run Entries in the Story Feed

We suggest holding the contest for about 24 hours only, given Snapchat’s fast-paced turnover of content. This will create a sense of urgency and the participants will come flooding in at once. Don’t hold it for over a week.

Once you receive entries, make sure to run them in your story feed to increase engagements with participants. However, expect submission problems by trolls and entries that do not follow the contest’s instructions. You also have to deal with some rude people and the like, but it’s part of the whole process.

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Step 4. End with a Blast

Once you have the winner, post it in your story feed and notify the winner. The winning screenshot will gain you additional engagement. Also, make sure to create another Snapchat saying thank you to all who participated as a chance to advertise your brand again.

Holding a Snapchat Screenshot Contest is easy and the returns are high. Consider doing this for your brand and expect engagement to skyrocket.