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3 Effective Local Marketing Hacks Often Overlooked

No Comment Jan 12, 2021

With a plethora of local marketing tips reiterated over and over again in various articles and blogs in the web, some marketers, especially newbies, experience information overload to a point that some simple things that could have worked perfectly well are easily overlooked. In the attempt to discover and implement the best local marketing strategy, some online business people tend to lean towards the complicated approaches and leave behind simple things that could have worked just as fine, if not better.

Here are three of the most often overlooked local marketing hacks that some businesses fail to include in their overall digital campaign strategies:


  1. Picking up the Phone

While some marketers are so focused on increasing their web presence and reach, actual customer service are often left with lesser attention. Answering the phone promptly, or to use another buzzword- prompt response rate, is an important marketing and customer service approach that should be observed. Customers easily build relationships with businesses that they can feel to be easy to reach. Im fact, Facebook’s response rate badge is putting an emphasize to this, but many fail to realize that a gem of a marketing hack is right under their noses.


  1. Building a Great Reputation

Online and offline, the importance of a business’ reputation can never be overstated. This, however, often fall behind other marketing strategies on some marketers’ lists. With too much effort on trying to reach out, some business fail to build a name that people would want to reach out themselves. This is done by superb products and/or services, professionalism, and brilliant costumer service. Make sure your reputation stands out, and the rest will follow.


  1. Bidding on Your Business Name

Well, this one might not be often overlooked, but some marketers really fail on banking on this strategy. By bidding on your business name and brand keywords you gain a bigger search engine shelf space, which converts into increased brand recognition for your business and higher chance of gaining traffic for your site. A study found out that a branded ad on the same page with an organic link gains 31% of increase in clicks. If you notice your competitor shows up in your business name search results, you have some lead problems.


These basic strategies assure better results for your local marketing campaigns, especially when done in combination. If you are missing one, it’s time to revisit your strategies and do the right modifications.