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Aligning Your Social Media Content Strategy with Your Goals

No Comment Nov 16, 2020

Any strategy not aligned to a goal is like using full force on a hammer without hitting the nail. The effectiveness of a social media content strategy can only be measured by determining whether or not it takes you closer to your intended goal. No matter how revolutionary your content strategies are, they remain useless if they’re not tied to specific goals. Social media campaign goals mold the foundations of your strategy and justify the steps you will undertake along the way.

Thus, it is imperative that goals need to be defined first before laying down the framework of your content strategy. These goals will serve as basis for the creation of your approach’s blueprint—keeping those that are relevant steps and striking down those that will not serve the purpose of the campaign. In creating campaign goals, we are taught to be S.M.A.R.T.:

local marketing content strategy

In creating your goal, you must ask yourself and your social media team the following:

  • SPECIFIC: What are the specific things you want to achieve?
  • MEASURABLE: How will you know if you’ve achieved your goal? 
  • ACHIEVABLE: Can these goals be possibly achieved?
  • RELEVANT:  Are these goals aligned with what your business wants to get and your business’ principles and branding?
  • TIME SPECIFIC:  What is the time duration of these goals?

Here is a sample of how you will align your content strategy with your goals:

Increase Sales Post 5 specific content for FB and Twitter Each Week  Using daily categories for posting.
Create an Instagram Image for each blog post.  Finding and creating relevant image with credit URL or Link to either blog or website.
Drive Traffic Tweet 1-2 timeless posts for Twitter everyday  Auto- posting for promotional blog posts for Twitter with links.
Use CTA for blog  Creative approach, but straightforward CTA.
Put links to your website on your blog post  Links on relevant keywords or phrases.
Commenting on appropriate posts with your website link  Determining frequent locations of appropriate posts and data banking the details.
Improve Customer Experience Reduce normal response time  Determine time where activities requiring responses are high.
Create easy access for support  Create a team support or other means for easy support access like diverting to your website where support is readily available.Developing FAQs
Increase Brand Exposure



Repurposing brand content Determining content that can be repurposed and how it will be converted on a regular basis. 

Where to publish repurposed content.


Create new content to increase exposure on existing and other  channels  Determining the topics relevant to your brand and the types of content to be created—calendared and to be strategically published.

This is just a sample of how to ensure that your content marketing strategy is fittingly aligned to your goals. This will ensure that you are on the right track in maneuvering your campaign.