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7 Ways on How to Increase Your Twitter Engagement

No Comment Aug 19, 2020

Twitter is all about engagement. So if your followers are not engaging with you, then you are wasting your time and effort. Here are the top ways to increase your Twitter engagement:


#1. Keep Tweets Short

Twitter is known for its unique 140- character limit, but if you are maxing out the limit, it becomes too long. Experts suggest to write your tweets in less than 110 characters, this will make adding comments easier for people. In fact, tweets with no more than 110 characters reportedly get 17% higher engagement.


#2. Use the Right Timing When Tweeting

Tweeting during daytime hours will get more engagement. Tweets posted between 8 am to 7 pm have 30% higher interaction than those posted at night. Also, experts suggest that you continue tweeting during weekends. Weekend tweets get 17% higher engagements than weekday tweets. There are tools you can use to find out when your target audience is on Twitter. Also, if your audience is in a different time zone than you are, make sure you are scheduling the tweets correctly.


#3. Ask for a “Retweet”

Contrary to what some marketers believe, asking for a retweet does work. In fact, reports indicated that tweets asking for retweets get 12 times more actual retweets than those that don’t. Also, the entire word “retweet” is more favorable than the abbreviation “RT”.


#4. Right Use of Hashtags

Hashtags are created for a reason, and that is to make your tweets searchable. Use hashtags wisely, which means they should be used in moderation. More than two hashtags in a single post might be too much. And make sure you have the hashtags right if you are discussing trending topics.


#5. Include Links in Tweets

Included links make tweets more interesting. Recently, there is a reported rise of link clicks in Twitter and it is a trend that is expected to continue. Reports also indicate that tweets with links get higher interaction like Retweets and Comments than those with no links.


#6. Use Clear Call to Action

Being straightforward and strong in your call to action is good for Tweets because they have higher engagement potential on their own. Words like please retweet, click, check out, follow and how to directly relate to readers and easily gain their attention.


#7. Limit Your Daily Tweets

It is suggested to keep your tweets between one to four tweets a day. Too many tweets may become annoying to your followers, which in turn discourages engagement. It only makes your marketing too much of a hard sell. Focus on replying to mentions and private messages rather than creating new tweets.


Make your Twitter campaign more efficient by following these 7 tips. You will be able to take your Twitter efforts to greater heights.