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Top 5 Tips to Take Your Social Media Marketing to Greater Heights This Year

No Comment Aug 18, 2020

We’re more than half way through 2014 and social media is reaching even greater heights in providing marketing solutions for online campaigns. More businesses are seeing the potential of social media in their brand’s marketing efforts. There are already countless instances where social media channels allowed companies to engage and converse with people and turn them into customers or brand patrons.

If you want to gain the huge benefits that social media can offer for your business, here are top 5 tips you should follow:


1. Social Listening

Social Listening is deemed by many experts to be the top strategy in social media marketing in 2014. You need to listen to determine what your customers are talking about and to be informed of emerging trends in social media channels. Closely observe what topics and forms of content gained high engagements and incorporate this info in your content marketing strategies.


2. Get a Grip on New Advertising Methods

The two biggest social media platforms—Facebook and Twitter, are adding new methods to target and reach your customers. Learn how to utilize and maximize these innovations and watch out for new changes as algorithms continuously change. This will give you an edge on reaching target customers for a more efficient brand promotion.


3. Increase Use of Image-Centric Content

The power of image-centric content has been demonstrated over and over again, and its efficiency in gaining organic traffic and engagement could never be overstated. If done correctly, increased usage of these content types can bring about great changes in your online campaign. Consider using image-based platforms like Instagram and Pinterest and some cross-platform posting for optimum efficiency.


4. Build Your Team

If your social media marketing is being done by one person on the side, then it is time to consider forming a team. The potential of social media in driving sales and brand loyalists to your business is huge, so it would be smart of you to invest in a sufficient workforce for this work. There is a lot to be done in social media marketing and having a one-man team may only leave you behind.


5. Learn to Interpret Data

Followers are not the only measure you need to track on social media channels. That alone won’t give you substantial information to assess your marketing campaigns on the web. Learn how to interpret other data like impressions, paid advertising, engagement and others. Record and understand the information you gather and use them to further improve your online brand promotion.