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Get Your Business Ready for Mobile

No Comment Aug 15, 2020

With Facebook’s Q2 2014 results revealing that mobile users increased 51% from last year, it is only smart to make your business ready for mobile. Consumers want to get access to businesses while they are on the go, and this is something that you should consider. Many people want to do this, but only a few have a clear idea on how to do it right. Here are some ways to make your business mobile ready:

The first thing that you need to do is to optimize your website. Check your site on a mobile device and assess it. Is the design good and fit for mobile? Do the buttons have the right size and placements? Are the texts large enough? Is it easy to navigate? Is the whole design concept good and user-friendly on different mobile devices?

Make sure that these are addressed, if not, it is time to contact a service provider that can help you actualize these. Take down complex designs that will only hinder user-friendliness on mobile. Or maybe you need to redesign the site so you make sure it fits the mobile audience. It is best to seek help in these matters if you are unsure of the steps you are taking. There are a lot of great firms that offer mobile business solutions.

Next thing is to update your business listing. Make your business easy to find by making sure you are included in listings. List your business in apps like Yelp and provide all the necessary information, including your business’ physical address. Look for apps that are usually associated with your business and make sure you are included there. Update your Google Map listing, among others and optimize your local search-ability.

Finally, do your SEO, but make sure all efforts are mobile friendly including content, emails, etc. Many companies still send out colorful and flashy emails which are unreadable in mobile devices.