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Google +Post Ads: A Different Take on Brand Advertising

No Comment Apr 03, 2021

Google +Post Ads were introduced by Google in 2014 to provide an alternative method to social advertisement for businesses. Although the concept of ad posting in social networking sites is not anymore new, Google +Post Ads offer a different take on how it is offered, as well a unique mechanism to expose and promote brands.


The chief idea of Google +Post Ads is that instead of straightforwardly promoting the business or brand, it focuses on sending the brand message to the people—that is, by promoting content. Google+ posts that include links to blog posts, videos, and Google+ Hangouts can be promoted as ad posts. These are published through the Google Adsense network, which are completely interactive. Users who sees a Google +Post Ad may comment on the advertisement and share it with their own networks. This is how engagement is boosted.


Benefits of Google +Post Ads

A brand can benefit from using a Google +Post ad in various ways, including:

  • It promotes the message instead of bombarding audience with brand advertising.
  • Boost engagement through promotion.
  • Brands already using Google +Post Ads experienced 50% increase in engagement over traditional advertising methods.

Creating a Google +Post Ad

Before you can create a Google +Post ad, there are two basic requirements you need to meet:

  • Google+ followers of no less than 1,000.
  • Having relevant content in your posts.

The steps to creating the ad, are as follows:

1. Create an Adwords Campaign. Properly set the budget daily, as well as preferred device and location.

2. Make your Ad Group and identify the target settings.

3. Create your +Post Ad and prepare for engagement.


Through the Google +Post, you now have an alternative advertising method that is closely tied to Google. You can expect better exposure from this considering Google’s very wide network.