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Importance of Local Landing Pages and How to Maximize it for SEO

No Comment Mar 31, 2021

Local SEO has become an integral part of digital marketing that business owners and marketers are pouring considerable efforts, time, money and resources into creating a local SEO approach that will help them thrive in the overwhelming world of the internet. A great deal of techniques were and are being introduced today, but since “no shoe fits all” in the sometimes complicated mechanism of search engine optimization, many continue to shoot in the dark with their local SEO hoping to discover a method that fits their needs and preferences. And more often than not, these shooting in the dark strategy are not getting them anywhere closer to the desired goal.

However, there are general steps that if implemented may reap better results than trying out specific ones. One such strategy is the use of local landing pages in website and optimizing it to establish a credible reputation as per search engine guidelines. Optimizing local landing pages is perfect for business owners owning multiple store locations. Here are some important tips to make it happen:

Landing Page Navigation

For stores with 5 to 10 locations, a dropdown menu in your website’s home page is the best course of action. It is best to list it in an alphabetical order so finding a specific location will not be inconvenient However, it must be placed in a way that it is easily found and will provide ease in changing location landing pages. Place it in the tabs just below the header of your site for it to be easily noticed and not tucked away in a box somewhere within the home page. Chances are, people will not take the effort to find it especially for first time visitors.

Stores with more than 10 locations, placing the list on the tab may work out for a while, but chances are, it may not be too user friendly for your customers. Experts suggest the use of store locators. Store locator widgets using city and zip code or an interactive map are the best course so customers are easily directed to stores within and near their area.

Local Landing Page Design

Some websites do not allocate sufficient effort in designing local landing pages, but doing so can immensely help improve your local search ranking. Optimized local landing pages make for a reputable site for search engine robots and will provide you higher ranking in SERPs for your area.

Some content included in your landing page should include most if not all of these:

  • Name, Address and Phone
  • Business hours
  • Directions
  • Well- crafted Welcome Message
  • Community involvement proofs
  • Testimonials and reviews for that specific location
  • Major store review profiles links
  • Links to Social Media
  • Live Chat
  • Specials and Offers
  • Products/Services offered in the location
  • Video content
  • Guarantees and Warranties (if available)
  • Images of the store
  • Interactive Map
  • CTA
  • Other necessary information about the location

Improving SEO

To improve the SEO of local landing pages, also follow these tips:

  • Ensure that each landing page is linked to Google My Business Listing for respective locations.
  • Consistent linking of citations for respective local landing page.
  • XML sitemap submission to Google Search Console
  • Permanent site map creation with appropriate links to landing pages
  • Earn inbound links from third parties for individual landing pages, as well as internal linking.

What more can you suggest to improve local landing page SEO? Tell us in the comments below.