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3 New Facebook Features Every Marketer Should Know and Use

No Comment Mar 16, 2021

Facebook is ever evolving, and lately it added new stuff to its roster of features for better social media experience. For businesses, these features will provide new avenues to explore to better attract audience, market brands and create an impact for whooping ROI on social media campaigns.

Here are some of the new Facebook features that every marketer should know and explore:

1. Multi-Product Ads

Traditional Facebook ads include one image, a headline, post text, description, and a display URL. With the new multi-product ad or carousel, you can rotate several products in one ad. Every product will have its own title, image, and landing page, while they have the same text and social buttons.  This type of ad can be accessed through API or Power Editor.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Keep headlines and text short (25 characters for headline and 30 characters for description).
  • Ads work in a 600 x 600 pixels dimension for both desktop and mobile.
  • They only run on news feed and not allowed in right column.

2. Featured Videos

Video content is where the limelight is these days on Facebook. So it’s no wonder that it made a huge leap in video contents. The new Featured Video content for page’s video tab is now the most recent of such innovations. A page can choose a featured video for its video tab to be shown prominently to people who visit it.

3. Video Playlists

Another new feature that generated a lot of buzz in the social media world is the emergence of video playlists. This feature encourages users to watch and share more content. Setting up your video playlist is easy. Click Videos in the tab below your page’s cover photo (you may find it in the ‘More’ section). Then select Create Playlist.

These new features are seen to open new opportunities for social media marketers for increase in engagement.