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How to Manage Your Team in Social Media Marketing

No Comment Aug 21, 2020

There are tons of ways to market your business or company to increase the awareness or reach of your product. Traditional ways of marketing medium are print or newspaper and magazine, television or radio, but as our technology innovate. Different kind of media has been developed because more people are becoming more and fonder of going to the internet. People created site where we can all connect and do a lot of things. Social Media Marketing is a type of marketing that uses social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any website where people of the new era connect online.


In marketing you should know where the people are so you can use your marketing strategy to make them aware that a certain business or product exists. This sector of your business must be well-equipped with not just knowledge about marketing but must be tech savvy too. The department must know well how to navigate the app or site and tweak the settings that are necessary to maximize visibility of your business, product or program. Managing this department is not as easy as it looks because they must be always up to date with what’s new and what is trending and we know that news in the tech World travels fast sometimes faster than the speed of light. To further help you let me give some helpful bullet points to manage your social media marketing crew.

  1. Know the skill set of each member of your team. We know that this is very essential in any type of department and in social media. You need to know if one member is better in gathering resources or is he better in executing. Knowing how to differentiate the different strengths and weaknesses of your team member will already win you half the battle.
  2. Get all your resources placed on the table and give your team a specific deadline on when to execute. News is faster on the internet. What’s new now may not be new an hour or two later. There is a high possibility that that are already a new trend happening as you work on one thing. With this in mind be very strict about your timing. Tell your team your deadline so they will know how fast they will work.
  3. Assign each and every member of your team their own specific task. Some member can be an assigned as reach extender, another one can be assigned for brand maintenance where he listens to what the fans of the business on the page will say on the comments. Another can be a community manager or the one who engage to other communities and participate on their activities. Micro managing is not helpful because of a lot things to do and check in social media you need to teach them what they need to do and let them work (Just do spot checks from time to time).

As a head or manager, your task is not just to give tasks and assignments but to support and motivate the whole team. Make them enjoy on what they do and you will reap the benefit of an efficient team.